Seven Foundations of Hy-Vee’s Seafood Procurement Policy

Hy-Vee’s Seafood Procurement Policy guides our efforts to improve our seafood departments. It states that it is Hy-Vee’s intent to sell seafood that is not only safe for consumption but also is harvested or raised in a manner that provides for its long-term sustainability while minimizing damage to the environment and other sea life.

There are seven foundations of Hy-Vee’s Seafood Procurement Policy:

  1. Safety, Quality and Freshness. Our procurement practices are designed to ensure safety, quality and freshness are of the highest priority.
  2. Legal Compliance. Hy-Vee will never knowingly buy or sell seafood that has been harvested, transported or otherwise handled in an illegal manner.
  3. Supplier Integrity. We will only do business with suppliers of high ethical standards with a proven commitment to the quality, safety and sustainability of their seafood products.
  4. Quality Information. The concept of seafood sustainability is complex. Decisions on what constitutes sustainable seafood will be made based on fundamentally sound, high-quality data, science and research from a variety of credible sources.
  5. Education and Communication. Hy-Vee will keep our customers, employees and stakeholders informed about our efforts to improve the sustainability and overall quality of our seafood supply.
  6. Transparency. Information on our seafood supply will be transparent, traceable and readily available to our customers.
  7. Partnership. Hy-Vee will work in partnership with our customers, suppliers, other retailers and interested stakeholders to continuously improve the sustainability of the seafood supply chain.

To ensure consistency with these seven foundations, Hy-Vee works with employees, suppliers, regulatory agencies and others to guarantee seafood quality, safety and sustainability.

Our Seafood Procurement Policy outlines our long-term mission to improve our seafood. We are currently focusing on improving our fresh and private label frozen seafood, but we are also looking ahead to identify other areas where we can transition more of our seafood items to be sourced from environmentally responsible partners.

Author: Kenan Judge

I’m Kenan Judge, and I am the group vice president of meat and seafood operations for Hy-Vee, and have been in the industry for 37 years. I’m also a member of the Sustainable Seafood Committee for the Food Marketing Institute. Part of my job at Hy-Vee is to respond to increased customer demand for sustainably caught seafood, but also help move the industry forward in this area.