Responsible Choice 100% Natural Wild Gulf Shrimp – A Sustainable Domestic Shrimp, It’s Shrimply Amazing!

Hy-Vee is committed to seafood sustainability and healthy oceans throughout the global seafood market, and our procurement policy mandates it. The Responsible Choice logo means that you can be assured any item with this logo is a good choice for your family and the environment.

Responsible Choice Natural Wild Gulf shrimp are 100% natural; this means absolutely no chemicals or added water. Natural shrimp have a true shrimp flavor profile with a firm bite, much like lobster meat. All of Hy-Vee’s Gulf shrimp is harvested and packed for Hy-Vee by Paul Piazza & Son, Inc., a leader and driving force for responsibility in the Gulf shrimp industry. Our partnership has allowed Hy-Vee to supply responsible, U.S.A. Gulf shrimp to the Midwest.

One of the biggest environmental concerns of harvesting Gulf shrimp is the bycatch of sea turtles. Our supplier requires all boats they purchase shrimp from to have TEDs (Turtle Escapement Devices), allowing sea turtles to safely pass through the nets, eliminating the bycatch of these beautiful creatures. This is just one of the many facets of supplying a responsible wild Gulf product to our customers.

Holiday gatherings and events will be coming up soon, and shrimp is a popular item at the table. Stop by your local Hy-Vee today to try the difference between regular shrimp and natural, Responsible Choice shrimp. Your event will be something your guests will talk about all year with 100% Natural Gulf Shrimp. True shrimp flavor, firm bite and delicious – they are “Shrimply Amazing!”

Author: Mike Linde

I’m Mike Linde, and I am a seafood buyer/merchandiser at PDI, a subsidiary of Hy-Vee. PDI is a distribution center that supplies Hy-Vee stores with fresh and frozen perishable items. Part of my job is to procure sustainable seafood product for Hy-Vee and educate and train staff on the sustainability aspect of the items. I worked as a Seafood Manager at Hy-Vee for 12 years before I transferred to my current role at PDI. We are dedicated to supplying the growing seafood demand with options that will not have an impact on the environment.