Shrimp Skewers On The Grill

June is here and it’s time to grill seafood! Hy-Vee is featuring a wide variety of shrimp skewers this month — raw, cooked, flavored and so many more options for you to try and enjoy. We’re proud to feature Wild American USA Gold Shrimp, available to you right here in the Midwest.

Since Paul Piazza began selling fresh seafood from New Orleans’ famous French Market 120 years ago, the fourth-generation family-owned and operated business has been driven by passion and commitment to supplying the country with the freshest, best-tasting and highest quality Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp that the nutrient-rich in-shore waters of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico have to offer.

Paul Piazza and Son is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. Premium Gulf of Mexico Domestic Shrimp is its only business. It is one of the largest processors in the domestic industry and has the capacity to offer over 25 million pounds of Gulf Domestic Shrimp from its state-of-the-art USDC plants in Louisiana and Texas.

Stop in your local Hy-Vee today and talk with your seafood team. They’ll be happy to offer suggestions and tips to make your shrimp grilling experience easy and delicious.


Author: Jason Pride

I’m Jason Pride, and I am the Vice President of Meat/Seafood Operations for Hy-Vee, and have been in the industry for 30 years. Part of my job at Hy-Vee is to respond to increased customer demand for sustainably caught seafood, but also help move the industry forward in this area.