Family-Style Dishes For Late Summer Gatherings

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From Dish on  Fish:

Have Seafood, Will Travel!

We love sharing scrumptious seafood dishes with friends and family. Whether you’re attending a late summer soiree or hosting your own Labor Day barbecue, portable seafood apps and dishes are guaranteed to be a hit at any outdoor gathering.

If you’re hitting the road with simple-to-make seafood dishes, here are few tips to help keep your precious cargo safe when traveling. Plan ahead the night before by making sure you have plenty of ice, freezer packs or frozen gel packs on hand. It’s best to pack your dish in an airtight container—to help keep food fresh and avoid any spills or leaks in the car.

For short trips, a cooler is your best bet for chilled seafood. Keep in mind, full coolers stay colder longer than partially filled ones, so pack the empty space with additional ice or freezer packs. Remember that cold air escapes every time the cooler is opened, so try to keep the lid on as much as possible and open only when necessary.

An insulated bag will also do the trick. If you don’t have one, here’s a hack: Line a box with several layers of towels, packing them close around your seafood dish. Layers of crumbled newspaper also provides insulation.

For hot or room temp dishes, you want to avoid trapping the steam. Keep your seafood dish in a serving tray or container with a vented lid. No lid? No problem. Cover the dish with a plate and wrap it tightly with some towels. The towels help absorb the escaping steam while providing insulation to keep your dish warm until it’s party time.

Warning: when you show up to an end-of-summer gathering with crowd-pleasing seafood yummies, we guarantee you’ll come home with empty containers. There’ll be no leftovers in sight.

Now go enjoy and get your (seafood) party on!