Alaska Crab: A Holiday Tradition!

Hy-Vee’s annual crab and seafood sale is going on now!

Brought up from depths of 200 feet in the chilly waters off Alaska’s coast, Alaska crab is a Responsible Choice for you and your family. Not only is Alaska crab delicious and healthy, but it’s also rated a Green “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch because of how sustainably the fishery is managed. Alaska crab is prized for its sweet, succulent flavor and has become a cherished festive meal during the Holiday Season.

Hy-Vee’s Alaska King Crab & Bairdi Snow Crab are already fully cooked. All you need to do is score the legs with a butter knife to make cracking easier and put them in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes per pound. Serve them up with a simple dip of melted garlic butter. If you have any questions on how to prepare it, just ask your local Hy-Vee Seafood Team.

Our favorite way to enjoy crab legs is surrounded by family and friends at the dinner table!

Celebrate the holidays this year by sharing Responsible Choice Alaska Crab with your loved ones!